Contextual Ad Targeting with Google AdWords

Contextual ad targeting enables you to show ads in the context of other sites, on pages contextually relevant to what you want to advertise. The Google content network comprises of thousands of high quality web sites, news pages and blogs. It is by far the largest network for contextual advertising in the world.

The Google Content network reaches over 75% of unique internet users in more than 20 languages in over 100 countries. Using the search and content network you will be able to reach 3 of every 4 unique internet users.

Contextual advertising with Google AdWords allows you to use all the different ad formats like text, image, flash, video, and gadget ads. The ad gets displayed on the basis of the theme in each of your ad group you create. The biding options are simulate to the search network campaign except that you can specify a CPM as well.

Google AdWords defines four phases in creating your contextual targeted ad campaign. They are as follows:

  • Define your campaign goals,
  • Create the campaign in AdWords,
  • Measure its performance,
  • Optimize and improve your campaign.