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How To Create A Blog

To Receive the Reward from Chipkin Automation Systems Please Complete the Following:




Click the red G+ button at the top center of the page


2. Google+

2.1 Log into your Google+ account.

If you don’t have a gmail account make one.

If you don’t have Google+ then convert your gmail account to a plus account.

Top right corner of gmail page.

Here is where you find the option to

upgrade to Plus.

2.2 Visit the Chipkin Automation Systems Google Plus page

Search for Chipkin Automation on the Google+ search bar

2.3 Click the red Follow button


3. Write a Post on your Google+ Page


The Post Must Contain


1. A link to your PLC School


2. A link to


3. 300-400 word review / article about our products / about any automation topic that

is relevant.


4. At the bottom of your post add the following text

‘@chipkin automation systems’ – Google will replace this with a link to the

Chipkin Google Plus page. If you do not complete this step, we will not see your

post and you will not receive your reward.


5. It will be good for you professionally, to post several technical, engineering articles to your

Google+ page. You can share these with Chipkin, if you want to. Your future employers may

look at your G+ page.


6. It will be good for you professionally to add your engineering / technical friends to your Google+ circles.


7. It will be good for you professionally, to follow other engineering / automation pages. Don’t

pollute your g+ pages with irrelevant pages that might show an employer you are not serious.


8. Email your name and gmail address to when you have completed these tasks.



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