CAS India Student Development and Reward Program (SDRP)

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Welcome to the SDRP Homepage!

Here you will find the information you need to earn rewards for knowledge sharing and technology innovations within the automation market!


We know you share a major part in automation and control education in India and we would like to assist you on your journey through your new career in automation and engineering.

Programme Motive

Chipkin Automation Systems (CAS) has partnered with Gyro Automation Services and PLC Training Institutes in India to create a reward programme for students like you. By entering the programme and displaying your products,software and automation technology knowledge, you can earn rewards such as training kits and software licenses – valuable tools on your learning path!


Simply click on the links for Rules and Rewards above to see how to qualify. Then, fill out your entry form Here.

Programme Sponsors


Chipkin Automation Systems (CAS) are building and industrial automation protocol experts. We sell, support, develop, install, configure protocol converters / gateways, data loggers, remote monitoring and control applications.

Founded in October 2000, CAS focuses on machine to machine data communications and remote monitoring. Our skills and solutions include protocols like BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks as well as interfaces for many fire, HVAC, lighting and other systems such as Simplex, Notifier, McQuay, GE to name just a few. With CAS, you are buying a solution not a commodity: The combination of configuration, expertise in this field, free BACnet and other tools and support via phone, email and remote desktop tools means CAS are right there with you. As CAS sells its own and solutions by other vendors you can rest assured that CAS will select the most appropriate solution for your application. CAS is a small responsive company.

We live or die by the quality of our service and providing quality solutions at a good price to our customers. With offices in two time zones CAS are able to provide support when you need it.

Contact Us

“Feel free to contact us with any of your concerns, comments or questions regarding Chipkin Automation Systems.”


Phone:1-866-383-1657(Toll Free)
Shipping Address:3381 Cambie St., #211
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4R3
Phone:0721- 2567390/27
Shipping Address:Gyro Automation Services
Jadaobai Dhokalsing Bhawan,
Beside Galexy Hospital, Rajapeth,
Amravati, Maharashtra-444605


Gyro Automation Services


There are innumerable advantages of industrial automation. Since automation increases the overall productivity of the process and ensures better quality, every organization wants to reap benefits of this process. At Gyro Automation, we are a leading engineering house engaged in providing a comprehensive range of products and services in this arena. Based in Amravati, the technology driven is a reliable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality PLC based systems, HMI and SCADA operating systems, PC based automation systems, drive system solutions, motion control solutions, and many more. With a strong team of trained and dynamic professionals, we also offer various support services to our clients.

We are a trusted service provider in the automation fields of industrial projects, design and supply of electrical and automation systems with variable drives, PLC systems, HMI, and more. Our company has a pool of expert professionals and resources to design and manufacture a range of efficient and durable products for its clients. We are managed and promoted by a group of technocrats having versatile knowledge in the arena of electrical, electronics and automation. Our products are widely used by many leading business houses engaged in the production of engineering goods, cement, steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, rubber, and other products.
1). Panel building, Testing and Commissioning
2). HVAC, Air-conditioning, BMS, Lighting, Energy Monitoring Systems
3). Training center for training industrial professionals on PLC, SCADA systems



Services We Offer:



1.Industrial Automation and Control

Manufacturing /Process /Marine/Robotics & Automation PLC , SCADA, Drives, HMI Based olution Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA).



2.BMS and Energy Management Solution

HVAC, Ducting, Lighting, Air Conditioning, CCTV, Energy Monitoring Centralize Water Purifier, Solar Panels and Heater, LED Lighting Solution



3.Control Panel Design and Develop

PLC Control Panel Designing and Manufacturing Onsite Installation and Commissioning HT, LT, 3 phase, VFD, PLC, Relay Panel Manufacturing Control Panel Troubleshooting and Maintenance.




4.Sales Service and Suport

Authorized solution partner of Chipkin Automation Systems

We provide PLC, SCADA, VFD, Protocol Convertors, Gateways.
After Sales Service and Support.




Contact Us

Phone:0721- 2567390/27 
Shipping Address:Gyro Automation Services
Jadaobai Dhokalsing Bhawan,
Beside Galexy Hospital, Rajapeth,
Amravati, Maharashtra-444605


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