• CAS IP Setup Tool cannot Find CAS Gateway

    The CAS IP Setup Tool can be downloaded from the following article: http://www.chipkin.com/cas-gateway-ip-address-tool/ When using the CAS IP Setup Tool to set the IP address of a CAS Gateway, there have been instances that the tool cannot find the CAS … Continue reading

  • Relay

    Introduction A Relay is an electrically operated switch designed by Joseph Henry in 1835 with the capability of controlling an output circuit of higher power than the input circuit. An electromagnetic relay is simply an adaptation of an electromagnet. Current … Continue reading

  • Modbus Transaction Identifier

    When sending a Modbus TCP frame, the frame is split into 6 different sections: 1)      Transaction Identifier ( 2 bytes ) 2)      Protocol Identifier (2 bytes) 3)      Length Field (2 bytes) 4)      Unit Identifier (1 byte) 5)      Function Code (1 … Continue reading

  • Finding what Applications use what Port

    If you need to know what applications are using what ports simply follow these instructions. 1) Open the command prompt. 2) Type “netstat -ano” without the quotes. -a: Displays all active TCP connections and the TCP and UDP ports on which … Continue reading

  • Benefits of Subnets

    This article only explains some of the benefits of subnets, not how to implement a subnet. 1. It provides security. In larger companies, employees must be able to communicate with other employees from that department. Subnetting allows for the department … Continue reading

  • RS485 on a Scope

    Using an oscilloscope on a RS485 network. For reference purposes we present some scope captures of a typical RS485 line. In this capture we had our scope leads connected to the positive signal conductor and ground. Zone A: Idle State … Continue reading