• FieldServer DH+ FSB4013 Blue-Hose Connection

    A 10-serial, 2-Ethernet port, 1 DH+ port protocol translator gateway enables data transfer between serial, Ethernet and Allen Bradley DH+ protocols. An extensive library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in process control and building … Continue reading

  • Testing An SNMP Configuration

    Configuration is provided at end of file SNMP driver = 1.03mK User PowerSNMP Manager download. It’s free.   Test by polling for OID’s Download and install PowerSNMP Free Manager http://www.dart.com/psnet_free.aspx You are presented with this configuration screen when you start … Continue reading

  • Network Protocols

    Introduction A network protocol is defined as the rules and conventions for communication and data transfer between network devices. Implementation of a Protocol can be done via hardware, software or a combination of both. All computer networking Protocols usually employ … Continue reading

  • ControlNet

    Introduction ControlNet is a real time control network which has robust, deterministic and secure features for challenging industrial automation applications. Popularly known as fieldbus, this open network protocol, originally developed by Rockwell Automation is a member of the CIP (Common … Continue reading

  • Modbus Transaction Identifier

    When sending a Modbus TCP frame, the frame is split into 6 different sections: 1)      Transaction Identifier ( 2 bytes ) 2)      Protocol Identifier (2 bytes) 3)      Length Field (2 bytes) 4)      Unit Identifier (1 byte) 5)      Function Code (1 … Continue reading

  • Finding what Applications use what Port

    If you need to know what applications are using what ports simply follow these instructions. 1) Open the command prompt. 2) Type “netstat -ano” without the quotes. -a: Displays all active TCP connections and the TCP and UDP ports on which … Continue reading

  • RS485 on a Scope

    Using an oscilloscope on a RS485 network. For reference purposes we present some scope captures of a typical RS485 line. In this capture we had our scope leads connected to the positive signal conductor and ground. Zone A: Idle State … Continue reading

  • PROFIBUS The Field Bus Communication Standard

    PROFIBUS is the abbreviation for Process Field Bus and is the standard for field bus communication in automation technology. The PROFIBUS communication protocol was created in 1989 by a consortium of companies and institutions and promoted by the BMBF (german … Continue reading

  • What is RS485, EIA-485

    EIA-485 (formerly RS-485 or RS485) is a specification for the physical layer of a network that uses the difference in voltages between two wires (Three wire) to conveys data. One polarity of voltage indicates a logic 1, the reverse polarity … Continue reading