• FieldServer DH+ FSB4013 Blue-Hose Connection

    A 10-serial, 2-Ethernet port, 1 DH+ port protocol translator gateway enables data transfer between serial, Ethernet and Allen Bradley DH+ protocols. An extensive library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in process control and building … Continue reading

  • Node Offline Responses

    When a Client Node on the FieldServer goes offline the corresponding data objects on the FieldServer are also marked offline. If a client polls a virtual FieldServer node for this particular data, an offline response will be returned by the … Continue reading

  • Timing Parameters

    Normally a FieldServer sends a poll request to a Server device and that device gives a response back to the FieldServer. Following are the timing parameters considered important in the fieldserver’s operation:   Scan_interval: It is the amount of time … Continue reading