• How to download the database from the CAS Gateway

    Goto the System Action page. http://<ip address>/bin/system/ Click “Save Database” button. This will present you with a XML page that says the action was done correctly. Go back to the System Action page. http://<ip address>/bin/system/ Click “Export the database from the … Continue reading

  • How to download the configuration from the CAS Gateway

    Goto the System Action page. http://<ip address>/bin/system/ Click the “Generate Configuration File” link This will generate the configuration file and redirect you to a page where you can download the newly generated configuration file. Click “Export Configuration” after the system … Continue reading

  • CAS Gateway: How to set the current time.

    How to to set the current time on the CAS Gateway Instructions:  Get the current time in unix epoch time (Current time) Example: 1365092464 would be 4:21:04 pm UTC , Thursday, April 4, 2013 From your browser using this format set the … Continue reading

  • BACnet IP/MSTP to COSM data logger

    This is a graph of the temperature in Chipkin’s offices. The data is retrieved by polling a Viconics BACnet MSTP thermostat with the CAS Gateway running the BACnet Client Driver. The data is then logged internally on the CAS Gateway and periodically pushed to COSM data centre to be read by … Continue reading

  • How to delete the database in the CAS Gateway

    Please follow these instructions on how to delete the current CAS Gateway configuration. Start the CAS Gateway Back up your current configuration if needed. Browse to the “System Actions” page by clicking the “system” link under the “Http Drivers” heading … Continue reading

  • CAS IP Setup Tool cannot Find CAS Gateway

    The CAS IP Setup Tool can be downloaded from the following article: http://www.chipkin.com/cas-gateway-ip-address-tool/ When using the CAS IP Setup Tool to set the IP address of a CAS Gateway, there have been instances that the tool cannot find the CAS … Continue reading

  • Finding the IP Address of the CAS Gateway

    To find the IP Address of a CAS Gateway you will need to use the CAS Gateway IP Address Tool.  This tool can be found here: http://www.chipkin.com/articles/cas-gateway-ip-address-tool. To use, simply click the “Download” link, unzip the file, and double-click the … Continue reading

  • CAS Gateway Firmware download tool

    Instruction on how to upgrade the firmware on a CAS Gateway device  Download and install the CAS Gateway AutoUpdate tool from chipkin.com Connect the CAS Gateway Ethernet port to your network. Ensure that the CAS Gateway Ethernet port ‘link’ light illuminates, showing a connection to the network Connect your … Continue reading