• CAS BACnet Explorer Version 2.02aQ

    We have updated the CAS BACnet Explorer with the following changes. Proper parsing of Forwarded-NPDU messages allowing the CAS BACnet Explorer to correctly discover devices behind BBMDs and BACnet Routers. Added Cancel Button to all users to cancel long discovers … Continue reading

  • Testing a BACnet COV Server Using VTS

    Please see our other articles for more information on how to setup VTS – First Time Use – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-first-time-use/ – Installation – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-installation/ – Configuring Devices – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-configuring-devices/ – Configuring Ports – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-configuring-ports/ – Configuring Names – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-configuring-names/   How … Continue reading

  • BACnet Multi State Variables – State Zero

    The Present_Value property of a Multistate Object may not have the value zero. This is specified in the BACnet specification. For example in paragraph 12.20.4 Present_Value of the 2008 Spec. “The Present_Value property shall always have a value greater than … Continue reading

  • Node Offline Responses

    When a Client Node on the FieldServer goes offline the corresponding data objects on the FieldServer are also marked offline. If a client polls a virtual FieldServer node for this particular data, an offline response will be returned by the … Continue reading

  • BACnet BBMD

    The BACnet discovery uses two services – called ‘Who-Is’ and ‘I-Am’. They rely on the use of broadcasts. Routers join IP networks together so messages from one network can be sent to another. Most routers do not forward broadcast messages … Continue reading

  • BACnet BIBB’s

    The implementation of BACnet is under-the-hood. It is invisible to most of us users. We don’t know what services are supported and nor do we know when each service is used. If we don’t know then how can we tell, … Continue reading

  • BACnet Device Backup and Restore Procedures

    The automation developer should be aware of the BACnet procedures concerning device Backup and Restore activities. Both procedures are defined in detail by the standard in Clause 19 for future reference. The procedures may involve either network visible BACnet objects … Continue reading

  • BACnet: Priority Array

    The BACnet Priority Array is a specific property type described by the standard as one of the command prioritization mechanisms. The developer should be aware of the manner in which this property type functions concerning priorities within building control systems. … Continue reading

  • BACnet: Averaging Object

    The Averaging object is described by the BACnet standard as a recording medium of visible value characteristics over a specific time interval.These specific sampled values may take the following forms in the object: Boolean Integer Unsigned Enumerated Real The following … Continue reading