• CAS BACnet Explorer Version 2.02aQ

    We have updated the CAS BACnet Explorer with the following changes. Proper parsing of Forwarded-NPDU messages allowing the CAS BACnet Explorer to correctly discover devices behind BBMDs and BACnet Routers. Added Cancel Button to all users to cancel long discovers … Continue reading

  • CAS Gateway: How to set the current time.

    How to to set the current time on the CAS Gateway Instructions:  Get the current time in unix epoch time (Current time) Example: 1365092464 would be 4:21:04 pm UTC , Thursday, April 4, 2013 From your browser using this format set the … Continue reading

  • BACnet IP/MSTP to COSM data logger

    This is a graph of the temperature in Chipkin’s offices. The data is retrieved by polling a Viconics BACnet MSTP thermostat with the CAS Gateway running the BACnet Client Driver. The data is then logged internally on the CAS Gateway and periodically pushed to COSM data centre to be read by … Continue reading

  • Testing a BACnet COV Server Using VTS

    Please see our other articles for more information on how to setup VTS – First Time Use – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-first-time-use/ – Installation – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-installation/ – Configuring Devices – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-configuring-devices/ – Configuring Ports – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-configuring-ports/ – Configuring Names – http://www.chipkin.com/visual-test-shell-%E2%80%93-configuring-names/   How … Continue reading

  • CAS BACnet Explorer v2.02aA

    Chipkin automation system is releasing a new version of the CAS BACnet Explorer (2.02aA) that dramatically improves the performance of the MSTP network as well as resolving many other bugs. The new version should be avaliable for download Updates: Major updates to the MSTP network. … Continue reading