CAS IP Setup Tool cannot Find CAS Gateway

The CAS IP Setup Tool can be downloaded from the following article:

When using the CAS IP Setup Tool to set the IP address of a CAS Gateway, there have been instances that the tool cannot find the CAS Gateway.

The CAS Gateway usually has the following IP Address:

IP Address:     
Subnet Mask: 
Default Gateway:

Follow these steps to find the CAS Gateway in the tool:

1) Check your physical connection.  Make sure the computer is connected to the CAS Gateway either directly with an Ethernet cable or through a HUB or SWITCH.

2) Make sure the computer is on the same subnet as the CAS Gateway and has a similar IP Address.  For example, set the computer to IP Address of with Subnet Mask of and Default Gateway of

You can set the IP Address of the computer by going to Control Panel, then to Network and Sharing Center.  Click on Local Area Connection in the View your active networks section.  The window Local Area Connection Status will appear.  Click on the Properties button.  Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 option and click on Properties.  Select the Use the following IP address: radio button and enter in the IP information.

3) If you still cannot see the CAS Gateway in the IP Setup tool, then the issue may be due to the computer having multiple NICs.

Go to the Control Panel, then to Network and Sharing Center.  In the View your active networks section, disable all connections that are not Local Area Connection.