CAS BACnet Explorer v2.02aA

Chipkin automation system is releasing a new version of the CAS BACnet Explorer (2.02aA) that dramatically improves the performance of the MSTP network as well as resolving many other bugs. The new version should be avaliable for download


  • Major updates to the MSTP network. The MSTP network will be much faster, use less resources, and more compatible with more devices.
  • Updated to the BACnet API, more compatible with other devices, many bugs resolved in the BACnet API stack.
  • Improved the ability to poll proprietary objects and properties.
  • Bug fixes
    • Monitor list no longer sends WhoIs address
    • Monitor list will continue to poll when minimized.
    • Fixed bug where writing a boolean values would be interpreted incorrectly.
    • Fixed bug with WhoIs so that it sends broadcasts correctly.
    • Many bug fixes to the copy protections system.
    • Refreshing a single property now will use read property instead of read property multiple.
    • Fixed spelling mistakes.