CAS BACnet Explorer – License FAQ

One License = 2 keys

1x USB Key

Simply move this key from computer to computer to use our software on a new computer. Customers who purchase our software are provided with a USB key. In some cases we provide USB keys for evaluation purposes – ask.

By the way, for those purchasing license packs, our current policy is to ship 1 extra USB key for each 5 licenses purchased. We intend the 6th USB key as a spare.

1x Soft Key

Exists for two reasons:

1) Allows you to use the software before the USB key arrives.

2) Provides a backup to you should you lose your USB key.

This key is tied to an email address because it is emailed to that email address.

When you do not have the USB key inserted, the software looks for the soft key. If it can’t find one then it asks you to activate the key. You complete a screen with the licensed email address (we are happy to change the email on record if you notify us). We email the key to that email address. You copy and paste the key and the software is activated.

If you want to use the software on a different computer and you don’t have the USB key then you have to re-activate the software on the 2nd computer.

Do Licenses Expire ?

No. Full / purchased licenses never expire. Demo and evaluation licenses do expire. Once purchased, you can continue to use the software as long as you like.

What is the Service Agreement ?

We add new features and improve our software all the time. You can download newer versions of the software and use the newer versions. When you purchase the software you can download newer versions for a limited time period of 1 year after the date of purchase. After that time has passed you cannot activate newer versions but you can continue to use the version you are using for an indefinite period. Some customers choose to extend this period of time by purchasing a Service Agreement. If you purchase a 1 year agreement you are extending the default period by a year. Thus you can download and activate any newer version that we release during the 24 months that start ticking on your purchase date.

Free Licenses

If you purchase a FieldServer (communications protocol gateway eg. Lonworks/Modbus to BACnet) and if the gateway is for a BACnet project we include a FREE full license as part of the deal.

What happens if I damage/lose my USB Key ?

Contact us. We look after our customers.