Campaign Tracking With Google AdWords

Campaign tracking enables you to determine how effective your marketing efforts are at leading visitors to your site. Campaign tracking variables can be used to keep track of all the different types of advertising you use. Tracking variables are identifiers witch you attach to the hyper links that lead to your web site. There are five campaign tracking variables and they are as follows: Campaign name, Source, Medium, Content and Terms. These variables allow you to see where the clicks to your web site came from in your Google Analytics report.

For example you can attach different variables to each link you place in your news letter. When a user clicks on one of them you will be able to tell witch one they clicked on, as well as the newsletter that contained that link. Here is an example of a tagged URL: &utm_term=tshirt&utm_content=ad_version_1&utm_camppaign= Google_T-Shirts

If you’re Google analytic is connected to an active Google AdWords account you won’t need to tag the AdWords destination URL’s. You can just activate auto tagging. This setting can be activated under the My Account tab in the account preferences section of your AdWords account.

Properly tagging will ensure you of useful information in your Google Analytics reports. These reports will in turn help you to identify your most effective marketing efforts as well as where you can improve.