Building libCUrl on Windows with /MT and /MTd

CUrl and libCUrl is a very powerful library for sending HTTP and HTTPS requests to servers. Building the libraries  on windows with Visual studios using the /MT and /MTd flags is non-trivial. 

Using: curl-7.37.0


  1. Download and extract the CUrl source code to a temp directory., in this tutorial we will be using curl-7.37.0
  2. Open the “Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)”
  3. Browse to the Winbuilds folder. \curl-7.37.0\winbuild
  4. Type “Set RTLIBCFG=static ” in to the command prompt and hit enter. This will set up the compiler to build for  /MT and /MTd
  5. Type “nmake /f mode=static DEBUG=yes” to build the debug version or
    Type “nmake /f mode=static DEBUG=no” to build the release versions