Beer and Vodka Can Help You Select a Terminating Resistor

Try this mnemonic if you are trying to remember the resistor color codes:


Bad (0) Black
Beer (1) Brown
Rots (2) Red
Our (3) Orange
Young (4) Yellow
Guts (5) Green
But (6) Blue
Vodka (7) Violet
Goes (8) Grey
Well (9) White
(0.1) Gold
(0.01) Silver



Note: If you’re missing a tolerance band that implies that the tolerance is 20%.

Which end do you start reading the color bands?

There are usually two ways:

1) If one of the bands at the end of the sequence is further apart then that is the tolerance band – start from the opposite end.
2) If all the bands are closer to one side of the resistor then start from that end – the tolerance band is the last one your read.