• Radar Level Transmitters

    Radar technology is mainly put into use for detection of level in continuous level measurement applications. Radar level transmitters provide non contact type of level measurement in case of liquids in a metal tank. They make use of EM i.e. … Continue reading

  • Conductivity Level Sensors

    Conductivity level switches make use of conductivity sensing technology or conductance method for liquid level detection. Conductance method of liquid measurement and control is considered to be very simple in operation. Their working depends upon the electrical conductance or conductivity … Continue reading

  • Laser Level Measurement

    Laser transmitters used for level measurement basically work upon the same operating principle as ultrasonic level sensors. The only difference between two methods is that the former employs speed of light whereas the latter makes use of sound waves speed. … Continue reading

  • RS-232 Mini Tester

    How to know which RS-232 data lines are active? The RS-232 Mini Tester is an efficient device to connect in series with any RS-232 interface for testing a serial (RS-232) link. An example of how an RS-232 mini tester looks … Continue reading

  • Types of Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers

    There are two major types of Liquid-in-glass thermometers which are mentioned below: Mercury Thermometers Alcohol Thermometers   Mercury Thermometers This type of thermometer was developed by a German based physicist named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. It consists of mercury as a … Continue reading

  • Bubbler Level Measurement

    “Bubbler systems are ideal for level measurement of open channel run off systems or duct and tank situations where debris, foam, steam, or surface turbulence makes standard methods of level measurement impractical.”1 This technique of level detection is primarily employed … Continue reading

  • Radiation Level Measurement

    The operation of nearly all level measurement devices depends upon the material’s propensity to either reflect or absorb radiations. Various types of radiation based level gauges are available which consist of Radar or Microwave radiation gauges Ultrasonic radiation gauges Nuclear … Continue reading