• Optical Level Switches

    Optical level switches are specialty devices which are employed for measurement of level in some special areas. Their operation basically depends upon the light transmission, reflection or refraction characteristics of the substance whose level is to be measured. They employ … Continue reading

  • RF Level Switches

    RF level sensors are the Capacitance level detectors which are sometimes called as admittance level sensors. These sensors make use of radio frequency balanced impedance bridge circuit to find out whether the probe is in touch with the process material … Continue reading

  • Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers

    A liquid-in-glass thermometer is the simplest and most commonly employed type of temperature measurement device. It is one of the oldest thermometers available in the industry. It gives fairly accurate results within the temperature range of -200 to 600°C. No … Continue reading

  • CAS BACnet Explorer v2.02aA

    Chipkin automation system is releasing a new version of the CAS BACnet Explorer (2.02aA) that dramatically improves the performance of the MSTP network as well as resolving many other bugs. The new version should be avaliable for download Updates: Major updates to the MSTP network. … Continue reading

  • CAS IP Setup Tool cannot Find CAS Gateway

    The CAS IP Setup Tool can be downloaded from the following article: http://www.chipkin.com/cas-gateway-ip-address-tool/ When using the CAS IP Setup Tool to set the IP address of a CAS Gateway, there have been instances that the tool cannot find the CAS … Continue reading

  • Temperature Scales

    Temperature measurement is a relatively latest concept. In early days, people only knew the elemental difference between hot and cold since there was no practical way to measure changing degrees of heat. In the year 1597, first effort was made … Continue reading

  • Semiconductor Temperature Sensors

    Semiconductor temperature sensors are the devices which come in the form of integrated circuits i.e. ICs hence, popularly known as IC temperature sensors. These are the electronic devices manufactured in an identical fashion to present-day electronic semiconductor devices like microprocessors. … Continue reading

  • Phase Change Temperature Sensors

    These are also referred to as change-of-state temperature measurement devices. These are the semi invasive means to sense temperature. In industries, various types of phase change devices are available. Some of the most commonly used devices include: Labels Pellets Crayons … Continue reading

  • Bimetallic Thermometers

    Bimetallic thermometers are made up of bimetallic strips formed by joining two different metals having different thermal expansion coefficients. Basically, bimetallic strip is a mechanical element which can sense temperature and transform it into a mechanical displacement. This mechanical action … Continue reading

  • Thermal Insulation

    The transfer of heat energy from one substance to another substance can generally take place by any of the following three means: By conduction By convection By radiation Thermal insulation normally acts as insulating barrier to avoid the transfer of … Continue reading

  • Loose Fill Insulation

    Loose-fill Insulations are made up of loose fibers or fiber pellets which are normally blown into wall cavities or attics of the building with the help of exceptional pneumatic equipment. This type of insulation is more expensive than batt type … Continue reading

  • Rigid Board Insulation

    Rigid insulation is prepared from either fibrous materials or plastic foams. It is generally designed in the shape of boards and molded pipe casings. This type of insulation tends to provide full thermal protection resulting in minimal heat loss only. … Continue reading