• Fiber Optic Thermometers

    “The group of sensors known as fiber optic thermometers generally refers to those devices measuring higher temperatures wherein blackbody radiation physics are utilized.”1 Fiber optic thermometers or fiber optic temperature sensors are basically light pipes which are mainly employed for … Continue reading

  • Foam Insulation

    Foam insulation is a type of building insulation which is applied in the form of spray. Hence it is popularly known as Spray foam insulation. “Spray foam insulation is a two-part liquid containing a polymer (such as polyurethane or modified … Continue reading

  • Thermowells

    Thermowells are the most uncomplicated devices employed for measurement of temperature. However, these devices haven’t gained much popularity in industrial applications. Thermowells are basically brought into use for creating isolation between temperature sensing element and its immediate environment which can … Continue reading

  • Venturi & Flow Tubes

    A venturi tube is considered to be the most accurate flow-sensing element only if it is accurately calibrated. This tube basically consists of a converging conical inlet a cylindrical throat, and a diverging recovery cone A typical Venturi tube is … Continue reading

  • Temperature Switches

    Temperature switches are the mechanisms used to measure temperature. The working of a temperature switch is based upon the temperature variations taking place in an enclosed space, or in an open area adjoining the temperature detecting component. In general, the … Continue reading

  • Reflective Insulation

    Reflective insulation systems are basically made up of aluminum foils along with a backing substance. The most common materials used for backing in reflective insulations include: Kraft paper Plastic film Polyethylene bubbles Cardboard Reflective insulation systems usually operate by offering … Continue reading

  • Blanket Insulation

    Blanket insulation is the most extensively employed type of building insulation. Blankets are basically composed of flexible materials prepared from mineral fibers such as fiberglass, rock wool etc. Other materials which can be used in the formation of blanket insulation … Continue reading

  • Types of Thermocouples

    Thermocouples can be manufactured from a diversity of metals covering a temperature range of 200 oC to 2,600 oC. Various combinations of metals i.e. calibrations exist for thermocouples. There are approximately thirteen types of standard thermocouples available in the industry … Continue reading

  • Thermocouples

    Thermocouples are one of the simplest sensors used in the industries for the purpose of temperature measurement. A thermocouple is typically formed by connecting two wires of diverse metals (or alloys) at one end. Between the two wires, a small … Continue reading

  • Thermistors

    Thermistors, also known as Resistance Thermometers are basically semiconductor devices which are employed for measurement of temperature. The word thermistor is made up of two words, i.e. thermal and resistor. Thermistors are also referred to as thermally sensitive resistors. These … Continue reading