• Pitot Tubes

    Pitot tubes are another type of differential pressure flowmeters. They are named after Henri Pitot who came with this invention in the year 1732. Pitot tubes are basically used to detect flow velocity of fluids. Pitot tubes have the potential … Continue reading

  • Variable Area Flowmeters (Rotameter)

    Variable area flowmeters are a type of differential pressure flowmeters. These are simple and versatile devices which are used to measure the flow of liquids, gases, and steam. They work at a fairly constant pressure drop. In these types of … Continue reading

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    An ultrasonic flowmeter is one of the types of velocity type flowmeters. It is also known as non-intrusive Doppler flow meter. It is a volumetric flow meter which needs particulates or bubbles in the flow. The working principle is based … Continue reading

  • Flow Sensor Selection

    Selection of a good flowmeter is basically dependent upon the necessities of the specific application. Hence, a considerable amount of time must be spent in the nature analysis of the process fluid and its overall installation. Specifications stating the application … Continue reading

  • Introduction to SNMP

    SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol When using SNMP, typically one or more managers to monitor a group of manged devices. SNMP network consists of 3 components: Managed Device Agent – software that runs on the managed devices, contains information … Continue reading

  • Differential Pressure Flowmeters

    Differential pressure flowmeters are also known as Head type flowmeters. They are the most prevalent type of flowmeters in use today. It has been projected that more than 50 percent of all liquid flow measurement applications make use of this … Continue reading

  • Commandable versus Writable

    In BACnet the Analog-Value object contains a Present Value property. In the BACnet spec, the Present Value property for the Analog-Value has the following footnote: “If Present_Value is commandable, then it is required to be writable. This property is required … Continue reading

  • Testing An SNMP Configuration

    Configuration is provided at end of file SNMP driver = 1.03mK User PowerSNMP Manager download. It’s free.   Test by polling for OID’s Download and install PowerSNMP Free Manager http://www.dart.com/psnet_free.aspx You are presented with this configuration screen when you start … Continue reading

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Electromagnetic flow meter is one of the velocity type flowmeter. It is a kind of flow detection system which works on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. This law states that “a voltage will be induced when a conductor moves through … Continue reading

  • Flow Measurement

    Flow measurement of liquids is one of the serious needs of modern industrial plants since it is critical to verify the amount of material purchased and sold. Accurate measurement of flow is so much significant in a number of operations, … Continue reading

  • Resonant Wire Pressure Transducer

    The resonant-wire pressure transducer is a device generally employed for measurement of pressure in industrial applications. It was brought out in the late 1970s. The figure below shows a typical resonant wire type differential pressure transducer. In this design there … Continue reading

  • Pressure Transducer Selection

    While selecting a right kind of pressure transducer for an application one must consider following important points: Corrosion protection: Decide whether the sensor is required to be isolated from the medium being measured. If the medium is a clean and … Continue reading

  • Piezoelectric Force Sensor

    A piezoelectric sensor is a device that employs the piezoelectric effect for the measurement of pressure, acceleration, strain or force by transforming them to an electrical signal. It is the most common dynamic force and acceleration detector. It is appropriately … Continue reading