• Types of Strain Gauges

    Introduction Various means like mechanical, optical, acoustical, pneumatic or electrical can be used to measure deformation (strain) of an object. Earlier mechanical devices such as extension meter (extensiometer) were used to measure strain by measuring the change in length and … Continue reading

  • Pressure Transducers

    Introduction The demand for pressure measuring instruments arises with the advent of steam age. Mechanical methods of measuring pressure such as Bourdon tubes or bellows, where mechanical displacements were transferred to an indicating pointer were the first pressure instruments. Initially, … Continue reading

  • Strain Gauge

    Introduction Any external force applied to a stationary object produces stress and strain. The object’s internal resisting forces are referred to as stress while the displacement and deformation that occur is termed as strain. Strain can be either compressive or … Continue reading

  • Load Cell

    Definition Load Cell is a specific type of transducer or sensor capable of transforming force (load) into a measurable electrical output. Load cells measure tension, compression, or shear. A typical load cell device comprises of four strain gauges in a … Continue reading

  • Force and Its Effects

    Definition  A quantity competent enough to modify the size, shape, or motion of an object is termed as force. In other words “A force is an influence (such as a push, gravity, or friction) that causes an object either to … Continue reading

  • Subversion

    Introduction Version control system software developed by CollabNet in 2000 is known as Subversion (SVN). This software keeps track of all work and related changes in a set of files, and permits several developers, usually separated in space and/or time … Continue reading

  • Network Protocols

    Introduction A network protocol is defined as the rules and conventions for communication and data transfer between network devices. Implementation of a Protocol can be done via hardware, software or a combination of both. All computer networking Protocols usually employ … Continue reading