• ControlNet

    Introduction ControlNet is a real time control network which has robust, deterministic and secure features for challenging industrial automation applications. Popularly known as fieldbus, this open network protocol, originally developed by Rockwell Automation is a member of the CIP (Common … Continue reading

  • Relay

    Introduction A Relay is an electrically operated switch designed by Joseph Henry in 1835 with the capability of controlling an output circuit of higher power than the input circuit. An electromagnetic relay is simply an adaptation of an electromagnet. Current … Continue reading

  • Modbus

    Introduction Modbus is an explicit serial communication protocol, developed by Modicon in the year 1979. Primarily it was designed for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs) but soon after it turned into a universally accepted mode of communication between … Continue reading

  • LonWorks

    Introduction LonWorks is not just a protocol or physical layer for communication but an exclusively designed networking technology platform to install, maintain, monitor and sense various automation and control applications. Essentially LonWorks was established for a range of automation functions … Continue reading

  • Finding the IP Address of the CAS Gateway

    To find the IP Address of a CAS Gateway you will need to use the CAS Gateway IP Address Tool.  This tool can be found here: http://www.chipkin.com/articles/cas-gateway-ip-address-tool. To use, simply click the “Download” link, unzip the file, and double-click the … Continue reading