• Visual Test Shell – Configuring Devices

    To Configure a Device in the Visual Test Shell (VTS), follow these instructions. 1)      Click on the “Edit” menu and Select the “Devices…” option Figure 1: Edit Menu Options 2)      You will now see the Devices Configuration Dialogue as shown … Continue reading

  • Visual Test Shell – First Time Use

    When you want to use the Visual Test Shell (VTS) for the first time, browse to the directory where you installed the application. Double-click on the VTS.exe to start the application. You will notice that two files will be generated: … Continue reading

  • Visual Test Shell – Installation

    To install the Visual Test Shell (or VTS) first visit the project website at http://sourceforge.net/projects/vts/. Press the Download button to begin downloading.   Check your downloads directory for the newly downloaded zip file. Unzip the files and you will see … Continue reading

  • Visual Test Shell – General Information

    The Visual Test Shell (or VTS) is a free and open source software.  This application is used for testing the BACnet functionality of various devices used in building automation systems. The application can “generate BACnet compliant service messages, detect and … Continue reading