• CAS BACnet Explorer Export to EDE File

    When using the CAS BACnet Explorer, a user can export the information to an Engineering Data Exchange (or EDE) .csv document. To export to EDE follow these steps: 1. Do a Discover Action Perform a discover action.  Make sure when … Continue reading

  • Web Services Description Language

    The purpose of this article is to provide a very brief description of the Web Services Description Language (or WSDL) as well as provide some resources of where to more detailed information and tutorials on the language. WSDL is simply … Continue reading

  • Modbus Transaction Identifier

    When sending a Modbus TCP frame, the frame is split into 6 different sections: 1)      Transaction Identifier ( 2 bytes ) 2)      Protocol Identifier (2 bytes) 3)      Length Field (2 bytes) 4)      Unit Identifier (1 byte) 5)      Function Code (1 … Continue reading