• Arduino, Where to get help

    Arduino is an open-source, open-hardware,  electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. This links/help page was created in response to VHS Hack challenge. … Continue reading

  • Where are the debug files located – CAS BACnet Explorer

    When sending support a bug report for CAS BACnet Explorer please include these three debug files. C:\Users\<user>\Documents\CAS BACnet Explorer\Debuglog.txt C:\Users\<user>\Documents\CAS BACnet Explorer\mstp_log.pkt (If BACnet MSTP) C:\Users\<user>\Documents\CAS BACnet Explorer\packets.pkt (If BACnet IP or BACnet Eth) These files will help us tremendousness to find a solution … Continue reading

  • CAS BACnet Explorer – USB Key updater

    The KeyUpdater.exe is an application at is used to update the USB product keys for CAS BACnet Explorer. Directions: Extract the three files included in the Zip archive to a temporary directory (C:\temp\) Run the ‘KeyUpdater.exe‘ application Insert the USB product key, It should look similar to this. … Continue reading

  • Benefits of Subnets

    This article only explains some of the benefits of subnets, not how to implement a subnet. 1. It provides security. In larger companies, employees must be able to communicate with other employees from that department. Subnetting allows for the department … Continue reading

  • Using Eclipse with Arduino Duemilanove

    Arduino + Ethernet shield Arduino Help Eclipse + Arduino Duemilanove     The Arduino IDE is good for simple projects, but as soon as you start building more complex multi file projects it just not up to the job. Eclipse on … Continue reading

  • Useful tools and applications for Modbus

    Here’s a useful list of tools to use with Modbus devices: CAS Modbus Scanner (download) Allows us to retrieve coils, inputs, holding registers, and input registers from a Modbus enabled device. Modbus RTU Parser (download) Allows us to analyze an … Continue reading