The BACnet discovery uses two services – called ‘Who-Is’ and ‘I-Am’. They rely on the use of broadcasts. Routers join IP networks together so messages from one network can be sent to another. Most routers do not forward broadcast messages … Continue reading

  • RS485 on a Scope

    Using an oscilloscope on a RS485 network. For reference purposes we present some scope captures of a typical RS485 line. In this capture we had our scope leads connected to the positive signal conductor and ground. Zone A: Idle State … Continue reading

  • CAS Modbus Explorer

    Modbus communications not working ? How do you know what’s wrong – is it the baud rate, the parity or even the address? There are so many things that can affect communications. The Modbus protocol does not support discovery. There … Continue reading

  • FieldServer’s Web Server

    In a nutshell: The FieldServer reads data from field devices. This data can be used to animate web pages that can be served by the FieldServer. Using a browser, a customer or user can monitor data from field devices and … Continue reading

  • FieldServer Gateway (Dual Serial)

    Dual Serial – Ethernet FS-B2510 The FS-B2510 Dual Serial-Ethernet gateway provides a wealth of features to enable data transfer between different devices and networks utilizing serial and Ethernet protocols. The extensive library of FieldServer drivers provides easy interoperability with devices … Continue reading

  • Ethernet Cables – Cat5 and Cat5e

    Where do the terms Cat5 and Cat5e come from? TIA Telecommunications Industry Association, TIA defined standard TIA-568-B which defines the cables and structured or modular cabling systems and termination standards for building and telecom cabling systems. Cat5 and Cat5e Cable’s … Continue reading

  • CAS BACnet Watchdog

    “Who changed the set point? Why did that device stop?” The BACnet protocol does not support authorization or authentication. Use our Watchdog tool to monitor where the commands that changed set points/device states came from. Our tool allows you to … Continue reading

  • Segementation in BACnet

    BACnet messages that don’t fit in a single packet use segmentation. Why would one message need more than one packet ? Well IP packets have a maximum length of 1500 bytes. So if you are sending a BACnet IP message … Continue reading