• Google AdWords Keyword Macros

    The Keyword macros allows you to display the user’s exact search phrase in the ad text of your Google AdWords ads. It is best practice to include the keyword macro in the headline of your text ad. The reason for … Continue reading

  • PROFIBUS The Field Bus Communication Standard

    PROFIBUS is the abbreviation for Process Field Bus and is the standard for field bus communication in automation technology. The PROFIBUS communication protocol was created in 1989 by a consortium of companies and institutions and promoted by the BMBF (german … Continue reading

  • Campaign Tracking With Google AdWords

    Campaign tracking enables you to determine how effective your marketing efforts are at leading visitors to your site. Campaign tracking variables can be used to keep track of all the different types of advertising you use. Tracking variables are identifiers … Continue reading

  • The Benefits of Google AdWords

    Google AdWords allows a business to advertise only to people who show interest at the exact moment they indicate there interest. This is usually the magic moment for an advertiser. This form of advertising is effective and compelling. When you … Continue reading

  • Creating Google AdWords Reports

    Google AdWords reports are used by advertisers to analyze there account metrics. It allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads. In addition it allows you to identify important trends over time. This makes … Continue reading

  • Customize Targeting With Google AdWords

    Customize targeting is for advertiser with an audience in a specific geographical area. Your ad will only appear to people searching for results in the area you define. You can target an entire region or alternatively only a circular region … Continue reading

  • How Google AdWords Targets Users

    Your ads are targeted to reach a certain audience based on your chosen language and location targeting options. Google AdWords will then determine to show your ad based on the users Google domain, query entered, Internet Protocol (IP) address and … Continue reading

  • Google AdWords: Actual CPC calculation

    Your maximum CPC bid is different form the actual CPC paid per click and Google calculates it for each auction. The next example explains how Google calculates the actual CPC you pay for each click. Advertiser CPC bid Quality score … Continue reading