• BACnet Change of Value (COV)

      1.0 – Introduction Most field devices are passive servers. They wait passively for a system to poll them for data and only then do the devices respond. A consequence of this is that the data client only knows the … Continue reading

  • Google AdWords most commonly used terms

    When starting your first Google AdWords campaign you will be introduced to some new terminology. Some of the most commonly used AdWords terms you will need to understand are listed below. Cost-per-click (CPC): Under its cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model, AdWords … Continue reading

  • Google AdWords Account Structure

    A Google AdWords account are divided into three levels, they are account level, campaign level, and ad group level. At the first level, your account level, your account gets associated with your unique email address, password and billing information. At … Continue reading

  • Keyword matching options by Google AdWords

    These keyword matching options help you to refine your ad targeting market, to control your cost and to increase your ROI. The four keyword matching options provided by the Google keyword editor are broad matches, phase matches, exact matches and … Continue reading

  • Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

    With Google AdWords and there online advertising, a conversions occurs when a person clicks on your ad and it leads to, a purchase, signup, page view or lead. One of Google’s latest tools allows you to measure these conversions. This … Continue reading