• Simplex 4100u FieldServer Configurations

    When simplex 4100U’s are networekd together the configuration of a FieldServer needs special considerations. Follow these steps 1. Use the correct input doc. It must say ‘HW Ref’. This is the only report that can be used. 2. Use the … Continue reading

  • What can go wrong with 485 and BACnet MSTP ?

    Lets say you adopted all the best practices for installation of the network but you get intermittent or unacceptable performance because of packet loss, noise, collisions … Then you should consider hiring an expert to resolve your problems because now … Continue reading

  • BACnet Objects and Properties

    Data inside a BACnet device is organized as a series of objects. Each object has a type and a set of properties. There is always at least one object in a device – it is used to represent the device … Continue reading