• BACnet: Priority Array

    The BACnet Priority Array is a specific property type described by the standard as one of the command prioritization mechanisms. The developer should be aware of the manner in which this property type functions concerning priorities within building control systems. … Continue reading

  • Wireless Sensor And Web Applications Product

    The Arch Rock Corporation has developed an effective wireless sensor and web services system in their Primer Pack/IP product. This product has unique qualities that would be beneficial to the following areas of building automation: Data Management Building Safety Security … Continue reading

  • BACnet: Life Safety Objects

    The BACnet standard describes two types of Life Safety objects. The two types of these objects include: Life Safety Point Object Type Life Safety Zone Object Type The Life Safety Point object type is defined by the standard as those … Continue reading

  • BACnet: Averaging Object

    The Averaging object is described by the BACnet standard as a recording medium of visible value characteristics over a specific time interval.These specific sampled values may take the following forms in the object: Boolean Integer Unsigned Enumerated Real The following … Continue reading

  • BACnet: Pulse Converter Object

    The Pulse Converter object is described by the BACnet standard as a process monitor represented by counts or pulses. The type of processes monitored can include those tasks in maintaining a building. Such as the following examples: Power Usage Water … Continue reading