Gateways for over 100 protocols and counting. Platforms and options to suit your project and pocket and a reputation for phenomenal support 1-Wire is a new(ish) bus system for long strings (4,000ft) of very low power and cost sensors. We have gateways from 1-wire to BACnet and Modbus. We don’t sell boxes – we sell solutions. We support you until everything is working. We view ourselves as an extension of your project team. Try this for free on your 1st purchase from Chipkin. We will configure your device and support you for free.
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Try our GATEWAY SELECTOR dashboard – it’s a great point of departure when you are looking for a solution.



QuickServer and FieldServer products are a high performance, fully configurable, cost effective Building and Industrial Automation gateway for integrators to easily interface devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial plants.

Key Features:

  • Multi-configuration capability; specific configurations selectable via DIP switches or software.
  • Ability to interface up to 10,000 points of common BAS protocols.
  • Same firmware as our industry proven devices.
  • Free BACnet Explorer worth $595 with purchase that include a BACnet driver.

Read more about the QuickServer and FieldServer products.
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CAS Data Clients

Connects to BACnet and Modbus enabled devices to read data. The data and transactions are logged. The log files are available and can be transferred to other computers. Current data can be monitored by remote systems running applications that can issue HTTP or SOAP/XMP GET requests – such applications can be easily developed by end users. Of course, this data is available using an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Connection parameters, device parameters and data parameters are configurable.

Read more about the Data Clients.
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New Products! – UL approved versions of the Data Clients now available.


The S4 Group

Connect the S4 N2-Bacnet router to an N2 network, push a button and have the mappping of all the N2 devices and points to BACnet completed automatically. The BACnet devices and objects are named, typed, allocated engineering units and other properties and all you have to do is lift one finger. If you are involved in a project with lots of legacy N2 equipment and you need to protect that investment then this is the product for you since almost all of the work involved is object mapping and this product eliminates that burden.

Read how this product can work for you in the JCI N2 environment.
Read more about the S4 Group products.


Sierra Monitor

Chipkin is Canada’s distributor of Sierra Monitor products. Sierra Monitor owned FieldServer Gateways provide the hardware platform that operates reliable protocol translation using your choice of serialEthernet or fieldbus Drivers. Metasys Gateways from Sierra Monitor can provide interoperability to proprietary and legacy devices and to other networks such as DH+ProfibusControlNet, and others used in todays plants and buildings. In building automation and process control applications, FieldServer Gateways from Sierra Monitor interface building automation systems to such systems as fire alarm panels (NotifierSimplexESTSiemens, and more), and legacy control devices to current distributed process control networks. More info


Special Offer

*Purchase a FieldServer/SlotServer from us that contains any BACnet protocol and we will help you test and document the BACnet interface by providing a free full license to the CAS BACnet Explorer and CAS BACspy. The USB key ships with the FieldServer. Limited time offer. Only applies when the FieldServer/SlotServer is purchased from Chipkin Automation Systems.

Our competitors charge up to $795 for similar products.



ProtoCessor is a family of embedded and external OEM low cost, high performance Building and Industrial Automation multi-protocol gateways. These products allow OEM’s to rapidly support the various protocols like BACnet, LonWorks, DNP3 and others without having to invest significant engineering resources to develop the protocols themselves.

By implementing the ProtoCessor solution, the OEM gains instant access to 100+ Industrial and Building Automation protocols.More Info



Chipkin Automation Systems also develops custom software, to allow your customers to communicate and interact with your devices, in anyway they see fit.

Imagine your customers being able to view the status of your device from any desktop computer connected to the internet. With our help this can become a reality.

Even with this abundance of freedom we can provide your customers, we are still dedicated to security. Blocked communications and inactive functions are discarded after they are audited and reported to security or supervisory staff.

More info


Customer reviews

Customer satisfaction means a great deal to us, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.
Here is a list of endorsements from companies just like yours that we helped.


We have recently completed testing and installed a FieldServer Driver developed for us by Peter Chipkin. We appreciated his professionalism and dedication to solving our problems. The quality of the driver, documentation and support were all high. I should add that for our project Mr. Chipkin had to work from a protocol specification that was badly translated from Japanese. Despite this he succeeded within the tight schedule required by the end user. Thank you for the solution.

Luis Armando Alvarez, E.E.
Engineering VP
Ingelectra, S.A.
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We found your services to be very professional and prompt. It appears the driver has been developed to a high standard. We are happy to have worked with you on this project and we look forward to working with you on future projects.


Joe T. Arion
VP Operations
Pantera Solutions and Technology
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